Thursday, October 31, 2013

All Souls Hallowed Eve Tonight ~ Cold Winds Blow the Stars Around !

An Old Halloween
Song :
A Soul, A Soul,
A Soul Cake!  
Please Good Misses,
a Soul Cake ?

One for Peter,
Two for Paul,
Three for Him Who Made Us All!


A Soul , A Soul, A Soul Cake,
Please Mister,
a Soul Cake.
An Apple,  
A Pear,  A Plum  Or A Cherry !

Any Good Thing To Make Us All Merry!
One for Peter,
Two for Paul,
And Three for Him
Who Made Us All!
A soul cake is a small round cookie or cake
which was traditionally made for All Saints Day or All Souls' Day
to celebrate the lives and souls
of the dead.
The cakes,
often simply referred to as souls,
were given out to soulers (children and the poor)
who would go from door to door on Halloween singing and saying prayers for the dead.
The practice of giving and eating soul cakes is often seen as the
origin of modern trick-or-treating.
The tradition of giving soul cakes was celebrated in
British Isles as far back as the Middles Ages and across
Europe as far South as Italy.
The cakes were usually filled with many spices
such as
allspice nutmeg cinnamon ginger and  raisins or currants.
However you are celebrating All Soul's Day or Halloween
enjoy the beginning of the Holidays
and be Thankful Always !


Many Thanks to Martha !
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Have a Peaceful Halloween,
and don't forget to share what you have !
Mom K 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Tannenbaum Nature Inspired Kirsten Earrings Creations Handmade One at a Time with the Customer in Mind !


Happy Fall !

Welcome !

people !










 If you are interested in purchasing this picture please write me

 Where to find Mom's Earrings ?
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with Resa 
 (see her fall market schedule on my previous posts)
with Zelia 
 ( visit )

Plan on attending
the Tulsa Christkindlmarkt  !
Put it on your calendar today ! 
Meet your friends there again
bring the children and grandparents !


ChristKindlMarkt Tulsa !!
Save the Date !
At The German American Society of Tulsa GAST Center
Located just West of 15th and Lewis Avenue in Tulsa Oklahoma 
December 2013
6th 7th  8th
Friday  10am – 7pm
Saturday  10am – 5pm
Sunday   12pm to 5pm
This is an indoor traditional German Christmas Market in the Old World German style !
The German American Society of Tulsa
Christkindl Markt
IS a  Family Friendly Event with German Hot Food, German  Bakery, Puppet Show,  Music, The ChristKindl, A Children’s Room, and of course, Handmade Christmas Gifts for Everyone On Your List !
Let it Snow !
Come in from the Cold and Enjoy the first days of Christmas with the Tulsa German American Society ~ like going back to Germany ~ in Tulsa !
A Christmas Market for Young and Old  !
Weihnachtsmarkt Tulsa 2013
For additional information
Contact the GAST Center
Ph 918 744 6997
Or visit

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Kirsten Tannenbaum Earrings by Mom's Fan Box

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