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Kirsten Earrings USA ~ Made in America Collections and Unique One of a Kind for You and Me


greatest joys



have come
strangers ...



from my hands ....


I have

with my own

two old knobby
hands !
now ...

one on a elevator,

one at a school ...



West Point Earrings Kirsten USA

some at libraries  ....

some at museums ..

 Some earrings have gone to coffee shops

and boutiques ...

Some went markets

where I have sold on the street

or on the hill at a winery

in the
heat of the sun

and the blowing wind

the shelter of trees


a rainbow umbrella ...

Inspired by nature



Reflecting the colors of our world ...

Capturing the beauty of the beads ...

Utilizing only the best beads from many lands..

To see all my earrings dangling on the people they've found
would be fun...

Kind of like that old commercial ...

I'd like to teach the world to sing ~ 

except I'd like to see the world dangling ...

in perfect

harmony ....

Some dear children said they see a lot of ladies at their
church wearing my earrings ...

a lot have gone to the local markets
All original dangles from my old chubby hands...
Some of the designs have gone back to Europe
from whence the beads came...

Some designs were donated to charities ...

And some created to fill a color palette need ...
Here, the Knudsen Collection
Black and Red

New colors new beads

Antique beads ~ new designs

Evoking excitement



Weddings !

Some of my creations have gone to
far away places ...
Not only all 50 of our states and Canada
but also to
Australia, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden,
Spain, France, England, Switzerland, Germany,
Austria, Italy, Cyprus, Greenland, Croatia , Estonia ,
Russia , Slovenia, Singapore ...
and more ...
And some creations were made to commemorate local
festivals ~ The Green Corn Festival !
And very fall customs ... the Harvest Moon Festival and Halloween ...
Pumpkin earrings, oh my
Making some longer ~ for
those longer necked ladies ...

Sometimes strangers
they tell me they know I'm the earring lady ...

I guess I'm well over 5,000 now ....
If you are wearing my dangles and still love them,
let me know ... 

One asked me if
I was the fairy flower lady !

Once, I saw a very classic pair
on an important lady at a funeral ...
that was an honor too!

You never know what you can make until you try ...

Like Ercole Moretti ~ this classic ~ of course not mine.

But these are ...

Somethings can be created out of vintage things ...

My favorites are natural colors ....

So many beads and so little time ...
Beads for every one ~ a new design, one day at a time !

The link to me on eBay is above right in the border,
if it's not here ...

Let me know what you like, and what I can make for you !
Hugs, Mom K

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David Gabrieli said...

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