Friday, June 7, 2013

Oklahoma is Tough and Tulsa is Tough ~ Each First Friday Art Crawl Downtown ~ AHHA !


It's been a wet and windy Spring in T-Town ! 

We welcome the SUN !
Our hearts are with all affected by the storms ...
There was so much water in the streets ...
Oklahomans have been Strong and
Tulsa is Tough this Weekend !
No Baby  ~ No Cry !



Ride your bicycle through the wildflowers !
The water iris and columbine have bloomed !
Oklahoma is made of rough and ready hearts of stone !
We have so much for which we can be thankful.
I am thankful that Bead Land is still quiet.

More people this year took tornadoes seriously
than I can ever remember.
Oklahomans are a tough and resilient group.
It will take time to clean up the mess and rebuild.
The skies have again turned blue, and the clouds have been sent a flyin'!
The weather is lovely, the town is hoppin', and folks are
out neck and crop enjoying life.
Check out what your local artists have been creating !
Rainbow Fairy Flower Sprites after Midnight !
Support the Arts and Humanities Council of Tulsa !
Buffalo Gals Won't You Come Out Tonight ....
Play Ball !  Fireworks !
Take me out to the ball game !  It's a HIT !
Soon it will be the heat of Summer ~ enjoy the cool nights will you can !
So much happening in Tulsa all the time !
Vacation Plans ?

Foreign Travel ?
Needing someone to house sit the kitties ?
Feed the horses  ?
Coffee at sunrise ...
Going to the dentist ...
Pearls and shells ...
Summer picnics ..
Baby armadillos ..
Rhyolite oh Rhyolite !
Simple Gifts
So much seems so trivial when those big storms blow in...
It takes awhile to loosen up and remember to
return to the good things  ~
Family, friends, bicycles, beads, flowers, art, music,
and the waft of
honeysuckle on the summer wind in the evening !
Take it all in !
And we you get back,
My earrings will be conveniently waiting for you
and all your needs :
Direct to you door ~
Hugs !

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