Sunday, May 12, 2013

Three Miracles a Day ~ Happy Mother's Day to All from Me to You

A long time ago
Well not that long ago ...
There was a wise old woman in my life
who taught me many things with wit and kindness ...
Her name was Irene Fenster and she had been through a lot ~
And her friend Doris Tuntland had been through equally as much ...
Together they came together like angels to help me in a very difficult time
of motherhood ~ I will never forget their wisdom and faith. 
We learn so much from our elders.

Before I get much farther, Happy Mother's Day to you and yours !

And johhny jump ups for your thoughts !

Three miracles a day ~ that's what she said making meals for a family
was all about ~ pulling out inspiration for nourishment when all else is chaos or when there is nothing to make anything with !

Lady Bugs Lady Bugs ~ We Honor Each Other ~ Moms who Can and Have
Created 3 Miracles a Day !

I recently re read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn ~ so much of it is in a different light as a mother now ....

I love it that my own daughter loves flowers as much as I do.
We seem to love the same flowers too ~ hers more pink ~ mine more blue !

Here are some of the fairy flowers ~ more unique danglies always coming down the pike ! 
I recently acquired some knitting kneedles ~

I will use them instead of the
chopsticks to display some of my earring creations !

Where to find these local earrings created with global ingredients ?

Looking back I see wonderful times and good years ~
My children are my favorite people in the world !

Find Mom's Earrings at the Gift Shop at AHHA in Downtown Tulsa Too  !

Uniting people all over the globe with handmade one of a kind creations !
Your lobes deserve to dangle !

Find my creations at your leisure on eBay ~ the green way to shop !

Tulsa Union Black and Red Designs
created with Kristin in mind !

Uniting people all over the globe with handmade one of a kind creations !
Utilizing beads from all continents ~
Bringing Peace on Earth in
Hand Made Designs with the Customer's Needs in Mind !

Be sure and take time to get to the
Rose Garden or to the Linnaeus Garden too!

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