Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Craftlahoma in Pryor this Weekend ~ So Many Oklahoma Artisans all Under One Cool Roof ! School's Out for Summer !

So much has happened
Oklahoma this past week.
What a difference a day makes.
We have so much
for which we can be thankful.

And so much we have lost.
We are all Oklahomans today.

We have had the rain we wished for last summer ... for the past three summers ... seems like it has rained for ever and a day  ...
The air has become heavy with moisture ...
They say that's what has caused these tornados ...
I really think they have become more powerful.
Keep on the Sunny Side !






 These below are created from OLD German beads ...  my own collection ~ design !   Reuse Recycle ...
One bead at a time ~ Old meets new and begins life again !
How else to find Kirsten Earrings USA?

Fresh and Local ~ Uniting our Lovely Lobes with Beads from All OVER the GLOBE ~  Direct to your mailbox, with FREE SHIPPING !

I’m proud to be a handcrafting artisan on eBay !  Sometimes I have some other cool things.




Tea House Secrets Earrings






Remember, there is always a rainbow after the rain.
Things WILL get better ! 
Up until recently,
I had two copies of this delightful old picture by
Paul Detlefsen.  
It's called School's Out I do believe ... Yes, I am old fashioned !
Hugs !

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