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Easter at TinyLand ~ One Egg at a Time in Tulsa ~ Eggcellent !

with a
and a lot of
cones ...

It's not hard to imagine,
that my Easter memories
may have turned out
differently than others ...
I basically set out to raise our family
somewhat similarly to the fashion
I was accustomed  ... 
We had more oatmeal
and cream of wheat though,
as my waffles always stuck to the pan !
About the time we moved back
to the Midwest
from the Northwest ...
Things changed at my folks' house ....
Not only were babies being born ...
but Grandma was discovering
Art and
Grand Dad was too !
This was the birth of TinyLand !

This Tulsa Oklahoma destination,
extant ca 1988-2002, was part living Easter Museum, Restaurant, Hotel, and Atelier. 
  Large Chicks and Ducks
and even a
 greeted the Guests to
TinyLand ...
Each year many found themselves
on the
long and winding road leading
the only art inspired
destination Easter ever known. 
TinyLand, in those halcion daze,
featured an onsite atelier for the budding
garage egg artisan.  
During this time, first came only close family and friends,
later friends of friends were
brought into the ever expanding
oval of the magical weekend.
 Hundreds of local primitive
American artists eventually
“found their inner eggs” in the extensively organized yet chaotic and colorful world of Tiny. 
Will the oval be unbroken Bryan asks? 
Tabla rosa white flat large plywood eggs awaited each searching paintbrush…
Rainbow hues of color beckoned each hand and mind, weary of life’s travails, hopping for a new venue of expression and release.  
Professors, doctors, warriors, students ~
so many people left
reality behind for the weekend
when they entered the gates of TinyLand.  
People asked Dorothy, the woman behind Tiny,
from where had this idea for a great egg eggstravanganza come ? 
The Pennsylvania Dutch Country ?  
Her love of Seurat ? 

Grandma Moses ?
A craft magazine ?   The New Yorker ?
No, it was purely her own
C Van Gogh
Cartridge in a Bare Tree
sort of crazy world.  
So, it was built, and they came.  
Egg creations from this venue pulled their influences from each artist’s experiences in faith, war, travel,

farming, history, parenting, rock n roll, passion, and so much more. 
So fast and furious was the weekend of colors hardly anything is left but the flat signed and dated creations themselves.   
Painters put down their brushes only to nibble croissant  ham sandwiches, eat jelly beans,
jalapeno grits and egg casserole, smoked salmon,  sip scotch, drink tea, diet Coca Cola,
M and M moose eggs...  Other painters took breaks to attend church services, or to pet or ride the many farmyard attractions.  
At TinyLand, little lives literally popped out of their shells ~ baby chickens, having incubated for weeks, had their “arrival” orchestrated, like an obstetrician checking her patients’ calendars before vacation.  
Baby bunnies hopped happily in the shade, fluffy and perfect .  
The tall exhiliarating rope swing
swooped skyward in the shade of the old oak trees beyond the gate in the woods.  Children lounged in the long soft grass on blankets in lovely dresses and fine slacks. The golf cart careened about the premises and beyond. 
The red tricycle moved in circles.   
There was in these days an abundance of spiral sliced honey ham.  
Pony rides beckoned.  Young parents occasionally disappeared to diaper, nurse and nurture children reading books, and attending naps.  
Lanyards were seen about the necks of mothers, not with bar codes, rfid or gps, but basic miniature white Steiff style bunnies on ribbons …  
Back at the garage atelier, coffee, wine, beer, soft rock n roll, classical music, and always great conversation and family history lent inspiration and nurtured the brows of the struggling artists … Balance, proportion, color, what to paint next ~ these were always the hot topics and pressures of the TinyLand Easter weekend .  
Ooohs and aaahs greeted the finest creations while the lesser found productions were quietly painted over white to dry for the next day’s production oval !
One year, the Tulsa World even covered the story on the cover of the newspaper!  
Easter morning found the glorious museum of TinyLand
bedecked with the hand painted eggs of previous years
as well as the best of the new year ! ~
Find these earrings and more handmade by me ...

There was always a much anticipated real
Easter Egg Hunt ~  
Children lined up youngest and smallest to tallest and mightiest big boys … future doctors, lawyers, warriors and such !
It was not unlike the great Oklahoma Land Run !
They took baskets ready
and without a gunshot, off they ran to find the real colored eggs
nestled behind oaks, dogwoods, redbuds and giant plywood slamdunk ducks, rabbits, and chicks .. 
Grandma Luella looked on from a chair of honor
and Tiny himself was most pleased  more than all. 
Dorothy, the inspiration behind the man for which the Land was named,
beamed happily, knowing her idea had come to fruition. 








The egg hunt was fast and furious ~ the children ran, and no sooner than they had started than they finished,
dozens of eggs each and treats too …
More croissants and ham were then enjoyed, yoghurt and granola, fruits and coffee …
Too soon Monday was approaching and the egg artisans piled back into cars and planes
and disappeared as quickly as they had arrived. 
Another year at TinyLand had been enjoyed
and an eggcellent time
was had by all! 
So, this is how it has been with us, and here I have
shared a wonderful memory of our family.
Happiest Easter !

Have a lovely weekend !
Be well and do well ~ Mom K


Egg Designs Property of

Their Original Crafting in America Painters !


 Love, Mom K
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