Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hardesty Arts Center Is Open Downtown ~ Catch a Beaded Dangle for Christmas !

Tulsa !

Stop in and find
a local artistic beaded creation
These particular ones
were created just for the OPENING ~
and are available for sale in the Gift Shop !
Proceeds benefit Tulsa Arts and Humanities !
Kirsten Tannenbaum Earrings
proud to be asked to put a bead on your lobes !
Support Your Local Artisans and ART ~
Visit the Hardesty Arts Center Tonight !
Whether you are feeling playful toyful and joyful
cool bodacious and periwinkle
there will be a bead to fit your need
a color to fit your palette
a style to fit your smile
a hue just for yew
a painted porcelain tree for thee ...
Something Funky when You're feeling Spunky
something long and tall when you're feeling lean !
Find Mom's Earrings at the Gift Shop at AHHA  !
Rainbows of Color to Brighten Your Day ! 

Walk on Over for a Breath of Fresh Air
so excited, as I am too,
to have my creations available to you !
If you haven't the time to take a walk downtown,
let your fingers do the tapping and
shop with Mom the green way, on eBay ~
Earrings delivered by mail, within days to your door !
Open 24 Hours a Day, for your convenience ~
From mine and ours to you and yours
Merry Christmas !

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