Saturday, November 17, 2012

Christmas Comes Early to Tulsa ! The German American Society Christmas Market ~ The ChristKindlMarkt Opens the Season !

Big Days
of German Christmas !
Friday   Saturday   Sunday
  December 5 * December 6
December 7 2014
German American Society of Tulsa ( GAST ) Center
Just North and West of 15th and Lewis
Tulsa Oklahoma  ! 

Look for the Christmas Green Garlands, Red Bows, Smell the Bratwurst, Roasted Nuts, and Hear the Music !


ChristKindl Markt 2014 !

Visit The German American Society of Tulsa
website for more details:

Find Handmade Christmas Items and Food
German Style ~ Bring the Entire Family ~
Yes, This is a Family Friendly Event !
Celebrating the European Custom of the Christ Child at Christmas !
With Music, Food, Puppet Shows for the Children and
Handmade Quality Traditional Gifts of all Kinds
for the Entire Family !
Oh Tannenbaum !
In the tradition of the Old Europe Christmas Markets come enjoy
3 days of Holiday Weihnachten at the German American Society of Tulsa !

 A country Weihnachts Markt
 Amethyst Flourite Dangling Leaves Kirsten Tannenbaum Earrings by Mom
Matte Vintage Abalone Gold Blue Earrings by Mom
I found a new book about the ChristKind from Germany

See you at the ChriskindlMarkt !
Creations of All Kinds ~ Beaded One at a Time Handmade by Mom K
Watch out for the Reindeer !

Hope it doesn't Snow !
Let it Snow ~ We Don't Care ~ Come and  Be Cozy at the GAST !
Sparkling Fun Acorn Earrings !
Long Dangling Brazilian Agate Earrings !
 Vintage Antique Bead Millefiori !
Rainbow Fluorite !
The NEW Handmade by Mom ChristKindl Girl Earrings and Pendants !
Find Kirsten Tannenbaum Earrings by Mom USA
Creations on the UPPER LEVEL this year 2014
and enjoy a Free Gift for the Children from Mom !
If you cannot make it, you can always shop online with Mom K at


She's a wee bit nutty, be the gal's alright !



Keep the Old Spirit of the Holidays in Your Heart ...
with Childlike Wonder !
See you Soon at the GAST Center !

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