Saturday, November 17, 2012

Christmas Comes Early to Tulsa ! The German American Society Christmas Market ~ The ChristKindlMarkt Opens the Season !

Big Days
of German Christmas !
Friday   Saturday   Sunday
  December 5 * December 6
December 7 2014
German American Society of Tulsa ( GAST ) Center
Just North and West of 15th and Lewis
Tulsa Oklahoma  ! 

Look for the Christmas Green Garlands, Red Bows, Smell the Bratwurst, Roasted Nuts, and Hear the Music !


ChristKindl Markt 2014 !

Visit The German American Society of Tulsa
website for more details:

Find Handmade Christmas Items and Food
German Style ~ Bring the Entire Family ~
Yes, This is a Family Friendly Event !
Celebrating the European Custom of the Christ Child at Christmas !
With Music, Food, Puppet Shows for the Children and
Handmade Quality Traditional Gifts of all Kinds
for the Entire Family !
Oh Tannenbaum !
In the tradition of the Old Europe Christmas Markets come enjoy
3 days of Holiday Weihnachten at the German American Society of Tulsa !

 A country Weihnachts Markt
 Amethyst Flourite Dangling Leaves Kirsten Tannenbaum Earrings by Mom
Matte Vintage Abalone Gold Blue Earrings by Mom
I found a new book about the ChristKind from Germany

See you at the ChriskindlMarkt !
Creations of All Kinds ~ Beaded One at a Time Handmade by Mom K
Watch out for the Reindeer !

Hope it doesn't Snow !
Let it Snow ~ We Don't Care ~ Come and  Be Cozy at the GAST !
Sparkling Fun Acorn Earrings !
Long Dangling Brazilian Agate Earrings !
 Vintage Antique Bead Millefiori !
Rainbow Fluorite !
The NEW Handmade by Mom ChristKindl Girl Earrings and Pendants !
Find Kirsten Tannenbaum Earrings by Mom USA
Creations on the UPPER LEVEL this year 2014
and enjoy a Free Gift for the Children from Mom !
If you cannot make it, you can always shop online with Mom K at


She's a wee bit nutty, be the gal's alright !



Keep the Old Spirit of the Holidays in Your Heart ...
with Childlike Wonder !
See you Soon at the GAST Center !

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Honoring Those Who Serve and Have Served ... Red White and Blue Forever You

we remember
the men and women
who have been there
and beyond our shores ...
We cannot know what is in their hearts,
what their true memories
or feelings were and are
 their service to
our country.
Lives have been given
Fathers and Mothers taken from their families
The cost has been huge
On all fronts
we have much for which we can be thankful
If we find ourselves in a good place
And if we don't
To extend a hand
Or lend an ear ...
Turn a leaf
Forget them not ...
In my family, there are several
And I honor your commitment .

Kirsten Tannenbaum Earrings by Mom's Fan Box

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