Sunday, October 14, 2012

Roll Out the Barrels We'll All Polka 'Til Dawn ... Kirsten Tannenbaum Earrings by Mom Celebrates Oktoberfest, One Day at a Time ...

at a Time !
And the Bead goes On !  
I like to Polka,
I like
Beer and Music !
It's just that I've learned
that what is best for me ~
Mom ~
Is to keep the Serenity in my Serendipity ~
If  you know what I mean ? 
That's the way I like it !
Soon Halloween will be here,
and I have books ready for the children !
Aww C'mon,
Yes ! 
They actually go over really well! 
They are gently used and read
and ready again for the next child ~
oodles of
children's picture books !
Just a sampling !
There are so many books,
flowers, beads, stories, children,
we have to make good time
if we are
to use them all !
Looking forward to the holidays and the
Tulsa Christkindlmarkt,
I found a lovely blog with some very helpful information about
(thanks to Rick Steves)
such as the Christkindl tradition in Europe
and its history :

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