Tuesday, October 2, 2012

PerryMan White Sage and How I Found The SissingHurst White Garden

Years back,

I was part of Tulsa's new 

Centennial Park Pearl Farmer's Market as a craft vendor. 

By now you know I make earrings.

I gave a lagniappe as I often have,

to a lovely lady whose ears were dedangled. 

She chose and received a pair of vintage bead

white large puff cloisonne earrings ~

turquoise blue with pink flowers,

and they matched her hair and eyes, as I recall.  

She was so pleased, she said I must have something in return!  

A turn for a turn.  

She was so very kind.

She said perhaps she could give me some of her

Perryman white sage which proliferated in her yard?   

This was wonderful!  

There is nothing more fun than a gift plant.

She explained that she was the granddaughter of Cyrus Avery, the father of Route 66.  
Where she lived was just part of the vast
Perryman Family empire, and thus she explained how this very
white sage plant
came with the Perryman family West
on the Trail of Tears.   
This was her story.

I found this also interesting of note regarding the Perryman Cemetary.

So, she had me stop by one day, and she had me pull up as much as I wanted ~ a grocery sack full.  It was already mowed for the fall, but I could see it was healthy and anxious to grow up again ~ one of those fabulous plants that thrives on neglect!   

Nearly six years later, and I cherish it ~ not only for the story, the gift, the lady, the Tulsa History, but for the light it gives !  In the moonlight, in the shade, on a cloudy day ~ it seems to radiate light ~ so lovely ! 

Having enjoyed the white line effect with other plants, this one tops the list for me!  

Studying landscaping possibilities, I came across the amazing gardens of the Sissinghurst castle, and specifically the White Garden there. 

Enjoy a slideshow of the white garden here on flickr: http://www.flickr.com/search/show/?q=sissinghurst+white&z=e

There are many things that inspire my work.  Art, History, Children, Nature, Seasons, Gardens ... 

Enjoy finding my new creations at the Faith United Methodist Church Harvest Moon Craft Fair

this Saturday the 6th of October !
Find Resa, as she has a large quantity of fresh and local new designs just for you ! 

If you can't make it to the Harvest Moon Festival ~ be sure and look for my new creations for sale online on eBay !   Make an Offer ~ You'll be pleasantly surprised ! 


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