Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Heard an Owl Out My Window ~ Full Moon on Toledo ~ Happy Halloween !

Great Pumpkin
was in
Window !
Orange !
The full moon had been out just nights ago ....
Halloween !

Just after dusk the doorbell began ringing !
Here at our house, I have been giving out gently used books
for the past 3 years ... 

And now the wee children have come again  ...
a tiny lady bug,
a very little
Woody from Toy Story,
a robot,
a zoot suited cool dude,
a wee Indian,
an orange crayon,
a cheerleader,
many more sweet little faces
and the friendliest parents and caregivers ~!
Not one batted an eye that the treat was books, in fact,
they seemed relieved and very thankful ~ it was wonderful !

Local Market Schedule
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