Tuesday, September 11, 2012

School is in Session Please Drive Carefully !
I'll never forget when my brother
Uncle Chris,
came to town in Auburn Washington,
and took
our kids out and bought them
new crayons !
My daughter
taught me to love the color
As for me ...

like Browns
were more my hues ...
And of course, since childhood
Yellow !
I do love White ~ too!
and baby's breath flowers like these ~ and I love babies too... puppies and kittens and cookies .... but really ...
real babies are so much work in the long run ! :O)
Back to Crayons...
When I was a kid I stole
a small tin of gently used
quite stubby and perfectly peeled / honed crayons
in chips and chunks ...
from my grandmother Vera's toy cupboard in
Arnold Nebraska.  
We had to leave to drive on to the next military base.
You see, about every summer
we (when we could)
visited the grandparents
en route to my father's next military appointment. 
There was no greater fun to me
than a coloring book and crayons which Vera Geiser always had on hand for her 30+ grandchildren!
 Apparently no one missed the tin of crayons,
but the transgression ate a hole in my heart
until I confessed to my mother of my terrible deed. 
To my confusion,
she rewarded me with some
new crayons,
and told me all was going to be just fine.
I never did forget that taking the crayons was wrong.
I guess my folks did a pretty good job.
Here are


 Whether you like classic black and white

 Serendipitous blues browns and greens

Woodland Wedding Hoops

Pink and green


 Pink Rhodochrosite
 Turquoise Blue Howlite and Topaz Czech Gold

 Montana Blue Copper and Poppy Red Flower Fairies

 Traditional Multi Color Murano Bead Drop Earings
 While we are thinking about colors and crayons...
I wanted to share this I found on
Thomas Kinkade ~
whose work I will always still appreciate and respect ~
Here he is seen casually sketching a street scene
 using crayons !!
 shortly before his passing...
He had a
need to color
his world !
Here is the link:

Find these colorful creations of mine
for sale on eBay ~
I now color creations of my mind
from the beads of the world,
one loop
and twist at a time !
Thank you for supporting sustainability and serenity
in the Heartland of the USA


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