Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Green Hot Summer Dry Brown Fall Water Where for Art Thou?

As You Can Tell
We Still Wish for More Rain ...
A simple request ?
I have created a few
"Catch Rain" type water and rain appreciation earrings ...
Evoking some good thunderstorms perhaps ? !
Fairy Ballet
 Rain on Daffodil
Sun on the Green
 When I heard on NPR that the creator
Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head had passed,
the song sent me back to my teens ...
Burt Bacharach
also gave us
What do you get .. when you fall in love ...
Lots of pain and sorrow ! 
OH, I'll never fall in love again !
This was an important song in my early 20's ~
Back to Catching good things earrings :
Catch a glimpse of a fairy in the shadows
 Catch a glimpse of a butterfly on the wing

Shop securely from the cool of home or office:
Catch purity
 Catch Nature
 Catch a Swinging ball
Catch a ride on a moving train ~
 Catch Luck!
Catch some Sun !
Catch a wind !
Hoop Fever Nothing but Net ~
Maui Waiting for Baby Flowers
Catch an Opalite Dream

Shop securely from the cool of home or office:
Catch Pink ~ for Survivors ! 
Double Roses and Raindrops
A festive late summer bouquet from my daughter's own flowers !
Catch faith
in people and friends
 ~ for a very special friend !
Catch some Tutu Fun !
Catch some swinging baubles !
Did I tell you that someone special
I know
is the artist
It's a brand new video game
 which will release this fall...
It MIGHT just be the first video game
 I've EVER played !
It's about a GIRL saving her SISTERS !
See a preview here:
Back to my beaded creations again ....
What do you think of these ?
Catch your dog  ~ Woof !
Catch an heirloom bead ...
in a new design !
 These were designed by Ruth ~ aren't they dainty classics?
For the love of the game !
 For the love of local art !
Catch a good dream !
Au Revoir for Now !

Shop securely from the cool of home or office:
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