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Fall Schedule Updates and More Designs on Their Way ~ Happy Fall!

Fresh and Local in Tulsey Town 2012
Kirsten Tannenbaum Earrings by Mom
Handmade One at a Time with the Customer in Mind

Local Market Schedule

September 22nd Heart of Broken Arrow @ BA Community Center
October 6th  Harvest Moon @ Faith United Methodist Church
October 27th  Oliver Middle School Craft and Art Show
November 3rd  Faith Lutheran Church Owasso Oklahoma
November 19th  Immanuel Lutheran School Benefit Broken Arrow
Friday              Saturday         Sunday
November 30    December 1     December 2
Save the Dates !
The German American Society of Tulsa ( GAST )
ChristKindlMarkt  2012  !

Visit The German American Society of Tulsa website for more details: 


Bring the Children for a Free Craft Gift at Tannenbaum Earrings !

Enjoy a wee bit of a German Style Holiday at the German Society Christkindlmarkt this year!
The Children will enjoy the Puppet Show (PuppenSpiel) ,
Shop for handmade unique items, Stay and have a bratwurst or knackwurst and
Of course some coffee and German Stollen !    More imported German candies and goodies too!
Butter up your german language, get out your dictionery and be prepared to speak some German !
Enjoy Shopping Tulsa Markets /
Fairs this Holiday Season ! 
Buy Fresh and Buy Local !

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Call Resa, for Updates and Questions to this Schedule :
(918) 645 -8531


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rain, Glorious Rain ~ Fall is Coming at Long Last !

Do I seem
the rain came,
we had a cloudy day,
and I remember
hopeful that
the clouds wouldn't just blow on by
like they had
many times in the summer ~
leaving us dry ...
Alas, we have been in good hands !
The lantana have been bringing in the butterflies too!
Our dripping hose, before the faucet was fixed,
dripped just enough,
kind of like the Cracked Pot ~
to brink up some late season Coreopsis
Yellow and Orange wildflowers ~ 

Read the Story Here :
Goodness how they have added to the colors of the
Lantana ! 
 I remember the lady bug invasion
we had on the South Wall when
my youngest was yet at home ~ it was grand !
I honor Mothers all Year Long with Lady Bugs ...
Keep on the Sunny Side
Even when times are dry ~ look past and forward and be thankful .
Find Happiness in the Simple things
 Unexpected gifts
Tiny treasures and pleasures
Natural beauty
  The changing seasons ...
Stopping to smell the roses  ~
so soon winter will be on its way
Capture Art where you see it
Celebrate unique ~ ness !
  And little wildflowers that pop up in the cracks of your cement !

They have given me a quiet riot of color !
So, Adieu for now...
and here is the Market Schedule again :
Tentative Fall Schedule 2012
October 6th Harvest Moon @ Faith United Methodist Church
October 27th Oliver Middle School Craft and Art Show
November 3rd Faith Lutheran Church Owasso Oklahoma
November 19th
Immanuel Lutheran School Benefit Broken Arrow
Call Resa, for updates and questions to this Schedule : (918) 645 -8531
November 30 December 1 and December 2
The German American Society of Tulsa GAST ChristKindlMarkt !
Bring the Children for a Free Craft Gift at Tannenbaum Earrings !
If you would like to contact Mom K Directly ~ email madcowsnot4me@hotmail.com
Thank you always for your kindness, Mom K


Enjoy your Sunday !

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

School is in Session Please Drive Carefully !
I'll never forget when my brother
Uncle Chris,
came to town in Auburn Washington,
and took
our kids out and bought them
new crayons !
My daughter
taught me to love the color
As for me ...

like Browns
were more my hues ...
And of course, since childhood
Yellow !
I do love White ~ too!
and baby's breath flowers like these ~ and I love babies too... puppies and kittens and cookies .... but really ...
real babies are so much work in the long run ! :O)
Back to Crayons...
When I was a kid I stole
a small tin of gently used
quite stubby and perfectly peeled / honed crayons
in chips and chunks ...
from my grandmother Vera's toy cupboard in
Arnold Nebraska.  
We had to leave to drive on to the next military base.
You see, about every summer
we (when we could)
visited the grandparents
en route to my father's next military appointment. 
There was no greater fun to me
than a coloring book and crayons which Vera Geiser always had on hand for her 30+ grandchildren!
 Apparently no one missed the tin of crayons,
but the transgression ate a hole in my heart
until I confessed to my mother of my terrible deed. 
To my confusion,
she rewarded me with some
new crayons,
and told me all was going to be just fine.
I never did forget that taking the crayons was wrong.
I guess my folks did a pretty good job.
Here are


 Whether you like classic black and white

 Serendipitous blues browns and greens

Woodland Wedding Hoops

Pink and green


 Pink Rhodochrosite
 Turquoise Blue Howlite and Topaz Czech Gold

 Montana Blue Copper and Poppy Red Flower Fairies

 Traditional Multi Color Murano Bead Drop Earings
 While we are thinking about colors and crayons...
I wanted to share this I found on
Thomas Kinkade ~
whose work I will always still appreciate and respect ~
Here he is seen casually sketching a street scene
 using crayons !!
 shortly before his passing...
He had a
need to color
his world !
Here is the link:

Find these colorful creations of mine
for sale on eBay ~
I now color creations of my mind
from the beads of the world,
one loop
and twist at a time !
Thank you for supporting sustainability and serenity
in the Heartland of the USA


Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Life Well Lived with Strength and Spirit

I was younger

My mother
opened my
to many

For a
from the
really had a
global view
many things. 
I found
reminds me of

 This was the country where she was raised.

She introduced me to many things.
Mari Sandoz
~ a writer she appreciated
who reflected the strong spirit of the
immigrants who settled in this
beautiful, yet austere land ... 
My mother was a great reader and enjoyed her small town's library to the fullest,
as well as benefiting from her own
mother's lust for literature
a la Reader's Digest
Condensed Books ~
 far before Nancy Pearl was able to
give her suggestions via NPR.

I enjoyed my mother's twinkly eyed
views of
 Van Gogh
Breugel  ...
her amazement
at tiny dots
Seurat ...
Edward Munch
the painter
of the
The Scream

which I now recognize as
the style
German Expressionism
~  mouth wide  ~open Oh MY ! ~

Woody Guthrie
Bob Dylan
were catching
the songs and plight of the people,
was capturing the Soul.

This painting is well known across
and Europe ~
and now, all over the globe .

My father also has a keen eye for Art ~
He saw the simplicity and purity early on
in the
Mid Century Modern
 modernist styles of furniture,
home furnishings, pottery, and cutlerly and so much more !
I remember a couple of Ruscha fish plates
we always had in our lavatory walls ~  
I wish I had them now !

Back to German Expressionism . 
I've only recently heard of it, via
the sale of The Scream.  
I studied French Existentialism .
Sartre, Camus, etc.
The two loop arms I feel in a way ~ don't you think?

You all know that my
main focus
speciality is earrings.
Occasionally I have some other interestings things.
Stop back by often to enjoy what I find for you !


Always making more earrings, Mom K
I suggust reading early and often to your little ones! 
All the major works of
The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen Denmark
Hans Christian Andersen
who wrote down the stories that his superstitious illiterate mother ~
(not uncommon for the people of the time) ~  
told him ~ so that we might enjoy them today !
The Grimm's Fairy Tales
~ The Brother's Grimm gathered
the stories of Europe and compiled them for our
enjoyment ~ however old and odd they are,
they are treasures of literary culture,
many times reflected in other lands, or
quite possibly handed down from other countries
before in oral tradition !
My French / German favorites are
Ludwig Bemelmans
who may have been a baker and carouser, later settling into writing the stories
of Madeleine 
and 12 little girls in two straight lines ....
Laurent de Brunhoff
who reflected African colonialization in
The Adventures of Babar ~ rather absurdist literature, I feel, but fun for children!
And of course, from the German ...
Every child's favorite , the adventurous
Curious George ~
whose author Hans Augusto Rey
had his beginnings
as a bathtub salesman in South America, 
Margaret Elisabeth Waldstein
and escaping the Nazi occupation of Paris
on bicycles with the
originals drawing to the book on their backs !
See the background story here :
I'm digressing ...
I honor my mother ( and father )  for
raising me with an open mind to many things.
Some of my mother's other passions were
Planned Parenthood
and of course, her local library,
whereever we lived in the 20+ moves we made
while my father worked for the US Army.

Take a magic carpet ride to another place ~

Read a Book ! 


" Stay on the Sunny Side, Always on the Sunny Side, Stay on the Sunny Side of Life "
~Ada Blenkhorn

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