Monday, August 27, 2012

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And ...
Happy Monday !
The other day, I was thinking
of all the
Free Things
we can have ...
Just for the taking !
If you know me ...
You have heard a reminder a few of these already ...
For me ... I have to rethink them, now and again. 
Ok, here goes ...
My BIG Number One is
It free, so decadent ~ and it just requires that you take time for it.
So simple, so pure, so rejuvenating ...
So Healthy !  
Steal some today tonight ~ this week !
Nap  ~ CatNap ~ PowerNap ~
Number Two
Breathing !
Apparently, we are forgetting to do this,
or we are not doing it enough or deeply enough ? 
As long as we have access to wonderful OXYGEN ~
let's all vow to do more Deep Breathing ~
Again, it's a freebie, and it's really good for us !
Here is another wonderful free activity for us all ~
and again, like breathing, apparently it is becoming disrupted ...
it helps us, obviously while we are awake, and is
ever so important to the health of our eyes  ~
Let's all do it more !
Walking ~
For this one, if you are able, all you need is your two legs and feet.
Please let us not take these things for given.
The more we do it, the more we can do it.
If you want to
Run  Skip  Jump  HopScotch
Swim or Bicycle
(these require equipment unless you live near the ocean or
a country pond or city large fountain ) 
These are also fun !
I always liked a combination of running and skipping when I was young ~
it was the closest thing to flying on two feet !
Another Freebie ~ Experience ...
Serendipity !
This one is all in your mind ~ and will change your life ~
look it up in Funk and Wagnalls !
Pick and Gather
Wild Things !
If you are in the city or country ~ you may have more free things
close at your fingertips that are free for the taking
to eat or to create with than you imagine ~
The possibilities are endless ...
Berry Picking !
Those wild gnarly bramble patches aren't just for the birds  ....
get in there, and get those berries before Winter !
Nuts !
So many kinds ~ from trees or plants ~
Feathers !
Make a collage or bouquet !
Seeds !  
There are endless seeds from wildflowers and more to collect and spread ~
On a dry day, gather them and put them in envelopes, label with
Flower name, Date, State, and type of climate ~
sun rain, etc where you found them.
Another big and free one ~ as big as the Sky ~
Blue Skies !

And when the skies have been blue for too long ~
Be thankful for the Rain ~
It is free, and sometimes comes in buckets, wanted or unwanted ...
in a Hurricane or Tsunami ~ 
Life is rough, and these free things from nature don't always come
with strings unnattached ...

Postage Stamps ! 
These come on letters and postcards so well received in the mail ~
they are not only beautiful,
but they are also
historic testament miniatures of art and time !
Save the envelopes ! 
If you would like to send me your stamps and stamped envelopes ~
I have a very good home for them ! 
Write me a note with Postage Stamp in the headline to :
For today,
I have one more thing ~ it is
However you find Serenity ~
 it is Yours ~ take it,
and keep it strong in your life ~
We will all need this perhaps more
one day than the other days ...
keep it where you can get at it in jiffy ! 
Well, I know I've forgotten some other big ones ... but  
I must get back to work !
Visit my creations on eBay ~
and support an aging US artisan ~ me.  
Bless you and have a lovely Monday.


Tentative Fall Schedule 2012
October 6th Harvest Moon @ Faith United Methodist Church
October 27th Oliver Middle School Craft and Art Show
November 3rd Faith Lutheran Church Owasso Oklahoma
November 19th
Immanuel Lutheran School Benefit Broken Arrow
Call Resa, for updates and questions to this Schedule : (918) 645 -8531
November 30 December 1 and December 2
The German American Society of Tulsa GAST ChristKindlMarkt !
Bring the Children for a Free Craft Gift at Tannenbaum Earrings !
If you would like to contact Mom K Directly ~ email
Thank you always for your kindness, Mom K

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