Friday, August 3, 2012

Fortunately It Was Partly Cloudy Today in Tulsa ~ One Sun ~ Two Clouds!

When our kids
middle child,
sweet daughter,
loved to
the newspaper
with her father at breakfast.
The extent of her reading was
to look at the weather
picture icons at the top of the page,
and see if it were to be a cloudy day, rainy day (as it often was in the Seattle area)
or a sunny day ! 
One morning, she said,
"Weather RePORT !    ~   1 Sun and  2 Clouds ! " 
and closed the paper very matter of factly got her back pack and was ready for school!
It was one of those odd and sweet parental happy joy moments in the morning, one of many.

I guess you had to be there !

Anyway, today there was one very big and ever present SUN (of course the sun is our friend, we know ..... )
but today there were clouds in Tulsa, which helped us, keep a wee bit cooler.   
I think, we kept below 100 degrees, at least until about 2 pm.  
The wind blows hot and dry.  There were some strange hopeful sprinkles about 1:30,
and I'd heard on the radio that Wagoner and Creek county had actually had some rain. 

I've made some fresh cucumber pickles ~ with the left over dill brine and the bread and butter pickle brine ~ they are so tastey ~ and fresh and crispy  !  
Thank heaven for crispy pickles in the Summer  !


So, new creations I  have for you ... enjoy!

See these new red millefiori cobalt earrings
 I made on eBay  ~
Catch a Fairy White Buffalo pendant and gold leaf earrings set 

Bluebird o Happiness ~ Of Course !

Reindeer Earrings !
Midnight Sun Murano Bead Mosaic Earrings
Gold White Cat Earrings

White Buffalo Japser Pine

Look Out for that Moose !

Dangling PineCones

Chartreuse Copper Blue

DreamCatcher Nature
Bear Aware !
Christmas flowers
Cool QUilts
A little mystery pitcher I found down at Persimmon Hollow

Blue Red Cloisonne

Sleeping cool hound dogs ~ they have a really hard life.

Marionberry Blackberry Muesli Brown Cow Parfait!
  Forget me nots, always !

Be well, do well,
read to your children, give them naps and cool water,
and take care of your cats and dogs !
Adieu for now.

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