Monday, July 9, 2012

Hot Holiday Deals in July ~ Plan Ahead for the Christmas Season !

gives me an excuse
to think
Christmas !
So I have set out a large number
of my handmade designs on sale ~
in July
Deals !
Ladybugs ... 
Red and round and chubby and cute ~
who can resist them ? 
I remember the day years ago when we were honored with a visit
by a large flock
( ~ do they travel in flocks? ~ Refence Please !  )
of litte red lady bugs landing on the South side
of our house in the warm sunshine ~
 cannot remember if it was Fall or Spring ~
but I seem to remember that they might have been seeking  a rest
from their migration.  
Their little wings were tired of flapping ?
What a thrill it was ~
I had never seen so many in one place at one time ~
and the side of the wall was off white,
so it was a
spectacular scene !

These bracelets are near and dear to my heart !

For the love of the game !
Red and Green Fancy and Fun !

Natural and Petite !
For the Sunbonnet Sue in the Family !

Oh Holy Night Tannenbaum Folk Art Stone Tree Earrings ~
I am the Original Folk Art Tannenbaum Tree Earring Lady ....

 Armadillo Peace Earrings !
Find them here with me:

 Moss Agate cool woodsy delights

 Murano cobalt dapple dot confetti earrings !

 Plan ahead for your night at the Nutcracker !

 Sunny Mosaic Millefiori !

 Classic Black and White

 Artsy Fartsy Fun and funky !

 Find these creations for sale here :

 My lilies always burst out like natural firecrackers on the 4th of July !

A Rainbow Selection of Peace Earrings for you !
Find them here :

 Simple Gifts Tannenbaum Christmas Tree Earrings Kirsten Tannenbaum Earrings by Mom :

 Who can resist sunny yellow daisies ?

 Rholite and Olivine ~ My favorite Greens !

 Recycled Vintage Beads come alive new and fresh with a brand new design from my work table !

Petite Pois and Cranberries ! 
Stay in touch, be well, and do well, Mom K

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