Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Few Days Ago It Rained Just a Wee Bit Here in Tulsa Oklahoma !

We never knew rain could be so missed.

The memories of Spring are now so dear !

To have some more rain and clouds come over
would be welcome. 

We had a few sprinkles the other night .

I wish it were cold outside and Christmas were closer. 

Thinking of cool woods and fair flowers  ~
still reading that book ....

Watching Downton Abbey

Thinking of bugs and snowflakes

Wondering about red amber

and old czech rubies

Dream Catchers for Rain

Remembering Mom in Maui

Wondering why the ladybugs are black gold 
but really classic

Remembering Sitka and Juneau Alaska
and feeling so lucky to hve this fabulous tiny print from Eric Bealer !
It would be a dream to find one of his Alaska Folk Festival posters from years gone by ....
I honor his work ! You can buy from him here and support and Alaskan fine artist ! 

Learning more about woodcuts and printmaking

Thinking of the tiny yet mighty
forget me not ~
hopefully spreading seeds all over
the North Country fair !

Visit Camp Denali !

Great Pumpkin Day will soon be here !
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What colors are my earrings ?
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Egg custard cheese pie ~

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