Sunday, June 10, 2012

LadyBugs on the Wind and SeaShells on The Beach ~ Kirsten Earrings USA

LadyBugs on the Wind !
Having been attracted to ladybugs since an early age,
I am like most women I assume.
Their cheery little red roundness is an inspiration in the garden.
I am awed to find so many lovely beads in the world, and these ladybug beads
I love the most lately!
But, these sturdy strong little pressed glass red beads now disappearing ...
Hopefully we can all appreciate good quality when we see it.  Whether it is fine
stones from the earth that you enjoy
 Like these agate pendants
 and earrings ...
or perhaps wood

or upcycled pearls ...


For me, a classic natural stone is far the best !

 Ladybugs still steal my heart ....

 Van Gogh gave starry nights ...

 Wise silly owls ...

 Zelia's inspirations ....


Nielsens of Denmark

Nielsens of Nebraska

Like little leaves on the family tree

Gems all in a row

 Rocks in My Socks ~ !

Dreamy sparklers on a Summer Night  ...

 Lime magical turquoise polka dot summer fun

Selling off the porcelain to a crockery expert

upside down kitties

Pearls for Girls

 Did they have pearls?               The Finch Ranch  Nebraska

A heart for your thoughts ...

Rasmine P. Nielsen  of  Nebraska

Silver line dot Serena bead creations new from
Kirsten Tannenbaum Earrings by Mom!

 Hans Neilsen and Family ~

Nutcracker Soldiers

Mysterious Rainbow Calsilicate

Shop securely from the cool of home or office:

A Salute to the Pearlies                                   

 and                                 Peace Trees

Shenango Petite Demitasse Set

More soon !

Bee well and Do Well!

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