Saturday, May 19, 2012

MayFest Tulsa 2012 Blue Dome Festival Weekend Wonderful Wind Sun and Fun !

This morning my husband and I enjoyed a lovely stroll through the just opening stalls of the Blue Dome Festival ~
Some early birds were out, people after my heart ~ the day promised to be warm, and why sleep whe you can be awake ? 
I found some fabulous local pottery ~ My favorite from today was found just outside
the Dilly Deli ~ Artist Yusuf Etudaiye previously of Nigeria, now a true Oklahoman and proud grandfather.  I could tell that he loves life, family, and children in his work.  The symbolism of the earth and sky were ever present.  I found huge deep mugs created with a never ending swirl ~ a spiral curl of life's path and birds aflight.  Some for coffee and some for tea.  With thumbholds ! They are so beautiful !  I felt lucky to have met the man who created them.  Such a kind a peaceful man, and I hope to return again someday to find something more. 
His work can be found here: 
He lives in McAlester and went to college in Tonkawa.   My cousin worked at his alma mater. 
We enjoyed our Green Eggs and Ham at the Dilly Deli  with proscuito avocado and spinach served with excellent hash browns! 
Mr. Etudaiye had my items ready for the stroll all packaged and ready to go!   I gave him our plate sized cinnamon roll with cream cheese frosting.   Too much good food! 
Thank you for your fine creations, sir !
My heart goes to all potters at festivals.  The wind is a blessing when it is hot, but a curse for artisans with display security.  Oklahomans know the wind flows swiftly across the plains!
From Tucson, I found another porcelain creator, at Mayfest.  Duly Mitchell, was an effusively enthusastic and contagious artist ~ educating and encouraging, from whom I enjoyed finding some lovely crystalline vases.  They are so natural, yet chemically grown!  To think of a chemical reaction as an evolution in a glaze is so exciting!  Copper or Zinc ~ what did he say he did it with ~ ? Mine are lovely combinations of browns and greens.
Mitchell Duly 
can be found tomorrow at Mayfest, just as our own Oklahoman Mr. Etudaiye will be there on Sunday at The Blue Dome Festival in the Blue Dome District .  
I didn't see my friend Zedel International out yet in the Blue Dome District ~ but she is always there ~ with the beautiful stones ~ my favorite is the Zebra Jasper ! Find her online here:
Alas, there was yet more to see, but I promised my husband we'd be home by noon, and I'd already found many treasures!  Oh, we also found some lovely skewers for shish kabob made by an iron working artisan named Corky ! 
His architectural items remind me of our own town's Wieman Ironworks 
Well, it's time to get back to the beads ... 
How about these tiny cuties?   They look huge here ~ but they are only about 1/3 inch on the pearl ~ natural freshwater simple and sweet.
I call them Chocolate Pudding Drops ~ 
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It is a perfect Saturday in Tulsa in every way. 
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