Friday, April 27, 2012

Wood Songs on My Mind ~ Beaded Fairy Tulip Flower Earrings and Roses

So the new Season is Here !
For all the walks in the woods I have enjoyed in my life,  I'm inspired by the woods to bring you a new collection of wood song earrings !

The songs of the birds and the rustle of leaves and whistling wind I remember,

The chirping and whirring of crickets and bees, and the tiniest sounds that can never be heard,

Like the hummingbird wings ... 

In the Northern regions there is more of an understanding of the tiny things of the woods ...

The little hidden folks, in other areas, the fairies, pixies, elves, brownies and gnomes...

In homes, there are the little people like the storied borrowers and knights in the attic ...

As close as we get around here lately are little lady bugs ...  that's as much as we allow.

But to be a child of any age with an imagination for the unknown and unseen,

Is a pure and delightful way to spend hours. 
Are we losing our sense of wonder?

Forever our cultures have held an appreciation for the tiny things of the natural world.

Hoping we can always see a lily of the valley or tiny wildflower of the woods as a wee faery hat ...

A circle of mushrooms in the grass as a hallowed place of mystery and wonder ..

Remember the buttercup of the field and how it shines its glow on our chins ... 

To make daisy chains ... if only from dandelions ... Even that name is fine ~ Dandy Lion !

To build a little fairy house with a child and foster the sense of wonder and imagination of summer...

Hear the tiny sounds, if you can, the song of the forest, the wind songs ...

A great orchestra of nature waiting to once again be appreciated in beautiful simplicity. 

WoodSongs !

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