Sunday, April 22, 2012

Will we keep Earth Day Every Day ?

Tomorrow Will We Remember Earth Day ? 
So many have made commitments and opened their minds and hearts today.
It's ok not to completely "go" with the Earth Day thing,
but for everyone
to just TRY is a Beginning ~  I am trying. 
Every day is a new day and a new step along the way.

Inspired by flowers, by wood, by leaves, by trees, by nature, I have creations for you
everyday.  Take a peek and see what there is.  
Try to keep Earth Day every day. 

Driving little and creating more for you,
 I am daily trying to minimize my carbon footprint.
When you shop at Kirsten Tannenbaum Earrings by Mom,
 you are supporting an aging
USA artisan, hearing disabled, but able enough.  
Thank you for your ongoing kindness.
I do care and I do try !

Rose Photography thanks to my daughter ~
A Sunday Evening at the
Tulsa Rose Garden
in April 2012

Find my Creations on eBay ~ the Green Way to Shop !

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