Friday, February 24, 2012

Daffodils Up in Oklahoma ~ Spring is On Its Way ~ Iditarod Midnight Sun and Kirsten Earrings Reflect Nature and Its Beauty Every Day !

Here Comes the Sun !   Tiny purple and yellow crocus herald the promise of Spring !   Narcissus and Daffodils trumpet the coming of a new Season !  
When the daffodils are up in the South, the NorthLand is still playing in the Snow!
This gift from a trip North greets all who pass by our garden ...

And, They'r OFFFfffff!!!

 A very special handmade gift of soap from Katrina and Jim !

My 2012 Hancrafted Kirsten Tannenbaum Earrings by Mom design to commemorate the Iditarod ~ in honor of all the good people and dogs !

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Thank you for your support !

Sunday, February 19, 2012

BlueBonnets in the Texas Hill Country BlueBells and Lily of the Valley in the Woods

Inspired by Spring is I've got lots of flowers on my mind !  And, like Barry Fugatt, I've also battled the urge to buy flower seeds this time of year ~
Instead, it's beads !  Oh My ! 
So, Creating for you I have been ...
Something new, something white and something blue ...
with a little hint of mint or olive green, olivine I mean ....
Spring Fest Festival at the Tulsa Garden Center !
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Stay in touch with where you can find quality handmade creations from Mom
At the Ripe Tomato enjoyed the fabulous voice to Tim Turner
who I understand is RETURNING for Saint Patrick's Day ~ Lunch or Dinner ? 

Enjoyed a lovely breakast at the Dilly Deli Downtown in Tulsa

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine's Day Hearts On Fire ~ Fresh and Local Handmade Delights

Spring is Coming this I know ...
There will soon be ducklings at the pond, and already there are kittens upstairs !
February can be a month filled with emotions ~
Channel good feelings and the days will be warm in your soul!

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Cougar Murano Earrings
Gold Etched Heart Earrings

Two Points !
Rainbow Calsilica Earrings
Big Love Earrings !

Chohua Jasper Heart Earrings

Mardi Gras Earrings
Cool Blue Earrings

Vintage Millefiori Earrings
This chili not for sale ~ file gumbo gonna have some fun on the bayou!
Clip On Acorn Earrings

DragonFly Earrings

African Green Opal Necklace
Petal Earrings
Uh Oh!  Heart on Fire !
Ruptured Aorta Broken Heart ~ Gonna Be Ok ~ Angels to the Rescue !
White Buffalo Earrings

Fan Dangles

Czech Hearts

Beautiful Colors and HandiWork by Jan ~ Not for Sale !
Petal Earrings
Vintage Millefiori
Dze Bead Earrings ~ Thanks to Erik !

Glass Hearts Circled with Mother of Pearl

Cookies and Glass Hearts
Globe Earrings Set
Gold Coffee Bean Earrings
Chohua Jasper Hearts arranged by Bryan

Swinging Chohua Hearts
Vintage Givre Rasperry Czech Glass Hearts
Cougar Foil Earrings
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