Friday, December 30, 2011

Tip Top of 2011 Tannenbaum Thank You to Each and Every One from Kirsten Tannenbaum Earrings by Mom !

Welcome to the Blog of Kirsten Tannenbaum Earrings by Mom ... There are just a couple more days of this great year 2011 ! 
Beads Baubles and so much more !
Looking to buy my earrings?
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Czech Rose Lampwork White Satin Earrings
I wish to take this opportunity to tell all of you that I am so thankful always for you!

 Repurposed Upcycled Satin Blue Bead Earrings
Without the kindness and support you have given

Melon Bubble Art Glass Pink Earrings
My fingers couldn't create !

My mind couldn't find the designs
Serendipity Blue Bird House Earrings
My eyes couldn't see the pearls for the seed beads !
Massive Double Pearl Earrings
You inspire and motivate me, and for this I am thankful!
 Aurora Borealis Crystal Acorn Earrings

 Amethyst Gemstone Copper Leaf Earrings
 Blue Berry Natural Pearl Gold Earrings

Enjoy the last few days of the year !

Be Safe !  

Of course, look forward to more designs and creations in 2012 !   

At this time, I don't know where my creations will be next,
but you can always contact Resa ! 

You can always find me on eBay !    

There is a great liquidation of Christmas items underway, and

I just can't help it, if I'm already looking forward to the apple and pear blossoms of Spring ! 

We are blessed with beautiful Dogwood and Redbud trees in our neck of Green Country ~

SSShhhh, we live in a beautiful part of the USA !    

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