Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Santa Lucia ... With Crown of Candle Light , Give Us Your Cheer So Bright, Santa Lucia !

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We honor the Ladies ...

Names are lost in time ~ but their spirit holds true ! 
Santa Lucias of YesterYear !

When the leaves have fallen and the days turn grey ....

The warmth turns in and the days are so gay !

Jingle Jingle Jingle All the Way

Little Pearls

Wrapped Briolettes

Italian Mosaics

Moss Agate Trees

Creations like these

Trees !

Straight from the Heart of Klimt

Austrian Fine Werk Too !

Lady Bug Beetles

and Folk Art Roosters greet the Holidays

Markets go on ~!

We brighten up the dark nights with Tannenbaum Trees !

Red of the Forest

Handmade Gifts

To Honor Hard Work of a Graduate !

Christa is a Santa Lucia Angel for Today !

Clear and Bright

Today has been alright !  
A Quarter of a Century is Not So Long ~ !

These Royal Copenhagen  
Königlich Kobenhagen
Princesse Purpur ( Royal Purple ) 
Fluted Gilt Full Lace Hand Painted Beauties ...
are more than One Century Old ! 

(pierced and gilt rim three line mark blue under glaze
sold via Tiffany's of New York USA circa 1900 )

to bring good luck and good cheer ....

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year !
They'll be caroling and mistle-toeing, and everyone's near !

The traditions of Old hold strong ~

Happy Santa Lucia Day !

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