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Kirsten Tannenbaum by Mom Christkind'l Christkindl Kristkindel Christ Child ! Welcome the Holidays !

Welcome to the

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year !


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Christmas Time Is Coming !

And the German American Society of Tulsa is looking forward to seeing you !!

This weekend ! 

Friday Saturday and Sunday December 2, December 3, and December 4th 2011

at the GAST Center ~ 



Oh Tannenbaum Oh Tannenbaum !!


Come to the Tulsa ChristKindl Markt This Weekend! 



Enjoy all the splendors of an

Old Fashioned German Holiday !



ChristKind'l Markt of  Tulsa Time is Here !

December 2, 3, 4  2011


The German American Society of Tulsa Hall ! 




Just West of 15th and Lewis in Tulsa Oklahoma ~


Visit for the particulars ~

bring the kids, grandparents, neighbors and exchange students ! 

Be ready to find something handmade ~ homemade of fine quality for an Old Fashioned Christmas Gift 


Something Good to Eat! 



I can just catch the waft of bratwurst, knackwurst, stollen, lederhosen and roasted nuts on the winter wind ~ the sounds of German on the lips of people greeting each other ~



Froehliche Weihnachten !

Christmas brings out the child in all of us ~


This is a Traditional Old World European Event ~

For Families and Children of All Ages, for Adults of All Stages :O)!



So, if we can't all make it back to Europe for the Holidays



We can travel back in time and feel the giving of


in our hearts for three days, in our own town !



See you there!


Free Coloring Page : 

Note!  When Printing, Scale to Fit the Page!



For More Holiday Local Information on Kirsten Tannenbaum Earrings by Mom

visit : 


When I worked at the Tulsa Library, I was surrounded by some wonderfully literate people, as you well might imagine.

 Often I was humbled by the volume of reading by the library patrons. 


More than a third of a century ago, a great high school teacher,

Muriel McDougal , challenged us as students to maintain standards of literacy throughout our lives.

She said, that to consider ourselves literate people we must: 

  • Read at least one newspaper every day.

  • Read one hour of scholarly literature ~ news, science, fine literature, etc a day.

  • Read one our of leisure reading of our choice 1 hour a day ~ personal novel interest, comics, whatever our pleasure ~ ( would this include surfing the Internet ? )

  • Keep a daily journal 

  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

Christmas Note :

Idea! The Best Christmas Present Ever!


A FREE Christmas GIFT for Your Child !

Get Your Child

(and Yourself ?) 

Their Own

Library Card for Christmas !


(To find your local Tulsa Branch Library and Hours visit :


or to find yourself on a map with the closest library



For more Library things for Kids

visit :


Yes, I used to work in a Library !

And keep ... Reading to the Kids !

Baking Cookies, Going for Walks and Talks,

and then

MORE Reading

and then ...

Making Paper Chains for the Christmas Tree!


Oh! Another Great Gift Idea


Jenks East Elementary  Students !

Retired 3rd Grade Teacher,

Mrs. Harder, has written a BOOK

about the year

she found some kittens and raised them in her classroom with the children!


Find it now on Amazon !


Don't forget the Bedtime Stories !


Love, Peace, and Hugs in the Holidays!



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Plan ahead for all your holiday birthday and small gift needs !





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