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The Great Pumpkin , Halloween Gift Books 4 Kids, Roses, Lasagne, Earrings, and Dachshunds ... Have I left anything out?

Random Fall Musings
Mom K
Kirsten Tannenbaum Earrings by Mom

Catch the Sun of Summer in a Pumpkin and Never Let it Fade Away!
Find this from Mom here on

Enjoy the Harvest Moon and the Blue Skies Shining through the Trees !

Put the kettle on and have some tea or coffee when the friends pop in ....

Plan ahead for Halloween so the Kids will have Something Fun to Read !

Make new friends and keep the old... some are silver and some are gold!

The love of a dog or a child is the most true... 

Catching the last of the Summer Sun

Keep a lot of hot tastey food on hand and good things to read ...
Lasagne, the Tulsa World, and The New Yorker !

I bought my first subscription to the Tulsa World newspaper
when I was a freshman at The University of Tulsa when I was 18 years old.
I paid for the newspaper weekly and had it delivery to my cubby mailbox at Lottie Jane.
Living without a morning newspaper was NOT an option !  

Don't know if you're like me, but there is nothing better than a good newspaper
or magazine to read when you're having a meal. 

My sister introduced me to The New Yorker magazine as a gift, and it has been a cherished gift yearly!
While I don't jive with ALL the articles, am am thankful to be the first to read some cutting edge news and views and literature with the delivery of my very own copy to my mailbox ! 

I see where the cereal companies are stepping up to the plate and
making their cereal boxes more reader friendly too!
Cereal companies could be more vital than they realize in
educating our youth in science, geography, history, so many ways!

I couldn't have been more proud than when our youngest son was featured in the December 2011 issue of
the National Geographic,
with his own arthropod photography !

His bisquits are the best !

Turkey turquoise is probably a greener alternative to mining turquoise ...

Old silver is as good as new silver , and the White Buffalo is Wakan Tanka ...

Orange and Brown are the colors of Fall...

A good handmade mug with a thumbhold is worth it's weight in gold !
also available from Mom on

Pure Clean water for the future is worth it's weight in gold !

When I worked at the Tulsa Publice Library, I was surrounded by some wonderfully literate people, as you well might imagine.  Some of the employees and so many of the library patrons carried high a fine bright torch to literacy ! 

More than a third of a century ago, a great high school teacher,
Muriel McDougal , challenged us as students to maintain standards of literacy throughout our lives.
She recommended me as a local writing Reflections contest judge for the public schools,
a volunteer position I treasured for many years!
She said, that to consider ourselves literate people we must:

  • Read at least one newspaper every day.
  • Read one hour of scholarly literature ~ news, science, fine literature, etc a day.
  • Read one our of leisure reading of our choice 1 hour a day ~ personal novel interest, comics, whatever our pleasure ~( would this include surfing the Internet ? ) 
  • Keep a daily journal (would this blog count? )    
Christmas Snows and Winter White are closer than we think !

Handmade USA Artisan Goods are hard to find, and necessary to support.

Children and Adults who read more, have more dreams and sleep more,
(if given the chance!)  and are healthier people.

Silver Earrings look great on people with Silver, Black and White Hair !

Rosette Goddess Earrings created of rare vintage olivine Bohemian inverted pyramid beads , lampwork roses, and gold leaf caps.

Vintage Murano Mosaic Clip On Earrings from Italy

Books for Children for Halloween !
A Mosaic of Books !

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may !

Keep reading to the children !

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