Wednesday, April 13, 2011

May Flowers Bring Showers Hopefully to Oklahoma !

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Yes, I have Wildflowers on my mind  ... Again !
It's either wilflowers ... or Beads !
There are some very brave Baby Blue Eyes that have sprung up and are already blooming in my back yard ~
I would have to say that they compare ~  Yes, with the wild Forget Me Nots of the North Country Fair !

So here we are in Spring, and we are about 1/2 down on rainfall... this doesn't look good, going into the long hot daze of Summer in Oklahoma....
Years past, I can remember being deluged by Spring down pours! 
So, hoping for raindrops on roses and thinking positively ~ I'm thinking of more xeroscaping drought tolerant plants... perhaps some ladybugs and other friendly pest eaters instead of insecticides ...  Ways to conserve water consumption and generally conserve on everything....  Except new designs for you !

Look for the
Kirsten Tannenbaum Earrings by Mom
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Edison High School
in Tulsa
on 41st Street  
Harvard & Lewis Avenues

April the 30th 9-5 pm ~
see the Forget Me Nots sign,
and there you will find more of my fresh and local handcrafted earrings, created one at a time with you, the customer in mind !  I am so thankful for you, my good customers, and be sure and let Resa know if you have any special requests or ideas, as those are always appreciated !  
Come shop locally, for the best prices on the finest quality in town! 
Thank you again, and Bless You for your Kindness in these difficult times..

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