Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Green Green the Grass is Green ! Spring is on it's Way ~

Take Time to plant a tree this Spring ~
There's still time in the next couple of weeks !

With thoughts of Spring and our ever growing need for shade ~ I urge everyone
to plant a tree and some bee, butterfly, hummingbird attracting flowers ...  

Flowers and Beads sort of run together in my heart ~ colors !

If you get a tax rebate, buy a tree and plant it, pay your bills, and if there's
anything left over, enjoy a Handmade Unique Artisan Earring Creation from me
which you can buy here on eBay !   

The Buy Fresh Buy Local movement in the USA is to support artisans and farmers,
and I am here for you! 

Mother of Pearl Gold Big Teardrops KT by Mom

Black Jet Big Teardrops Amber Topaz KT by Mom

Biwa Iridescent Pearl Necklace by Ruth

Big White Mother Pearl Gold Dangle Earrings KT by Mom

Purple Gold Leaf Unique Earrings Kirsten Tannenbau by Mom

Light Weight Big Blue Gold Teardrop Earring for Kathy

White Buffalo Turquoise Brown Acorn Earrings

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