Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Monday O What a President's Day Weekend Sale !

After the Thrill of Valentine's Day, Love Goes On!
Let me Show You...
What I have been creating new just for you!  
I have So Many Beaded Earrings, So You Benefit with a Super Sale ! 
Help me Lighten my load, won't you please ?  Shopping is Safe and Green under the Colorful Umbrella right    HERE on eBay !

Shop Now Today for the Deepest Discounts !

Many of you might have met me in a park, a winery, a school, a church,
a university, or under a tree, seeking some shade with my colorful umbrella ...  Sometimes I even had to employ a child to HOLD ONTO that umbrella because of those wonderful winds that comes sweeping cross the plains ! 

Now shop with ease for all the same creations fresh and local straight to YOU 
on eBay !  I am proud to be an eBay Handcrafted USA Artisan.  Thank you for finding me and shopping .   
Shop Now ! 
Click Here ~  Kirsten Tannenbaum Earrings by Mom on eBay !

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