Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Furry Valentine Kool Krazy Katz HandCrafted Sterling Silver Earrings !

So, Call me a Cat Lady !   I Don't Care !  :O) 
Some of the Sweetest Friends I've ever Known have been
the most Darling Kitty Cats. 

It's was via Friends of Feline and Tulsa Street Cats
that we found our Darling Lizzie the Calico
who was a Little Lost Kitten with
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Sparkling crazy Blue Eyes who was
born behind the antique shops on Cherry Street. 
Jo Jo was our Tuxedo Man Cat
Jade was his Green Eyed Tiger Striped Brother
Fannie was the Siamese we found while doing our laundry ...
~*~*~*~*~*~                Dottie was a Smokey Grey Gal who needed a home too,

Little Guy and Bonnie his sister came to us through the
Jenks Feed Store
And will always Reign Supreme in Our Hearts

Then There was Orca Oreo Gladys whose
Norman OU Black Cat parentage was sketchy ...
Oh How she Loved to Climb the Christmas Tree !

Fluffy needed a home and a bed ...
Kitty the Black Cat was the Neighborhood Cream Cat
and Wild Cat took care of the Barn on the Farm .. 

Support Your Local StreetCats
and enjoy some
Tastey Treats Too!

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