Sunday, February 20, 2011

Monday President's Day Super Sale Handmade USA Quality Unique Creations

Windy Grey February Skies
Make me dream of Spring Garden Colors !  
Green Clover Patches and Lilies and Daffodils.  Lemon Sunshine.
(Will March come in like a Lamb or a Lion ? )
Raggedy Anns and Folk Art ... 
These are a few of my favorite things ... 
Here are some of my favorite earring creations on SALE
just for you ! 
                                                         Lemon Hearts

                                           Murano Silver Foil Emerald Isle Delights

                                   Getting Ready for Crisp Apfel Struedel
                             These apples I cannot send you ~ Get your own !

                                                Lobster Agate Coins

                                                Art Nouveau Turquoise Blue Browns

                                 These just seem like they could be original
                  Laurel Burch creeations ...  They look like the Shambala cats !

                                         These look like Fish Eyes to Me !

                            Lucky Golden Shamrock Four Leaf Clover Earrings !

                                                  The wee tiny mushroom key chain dangle !

                                            Tick Tock  Always on Time !

                                                  Luscious Givre Raspberry Czech Hearts

                                               Vintage Estate Quality White Easter Egg Earrings

                                       Sapphire Bleu and PeriWinkle Golds

                                 Tannenbaum Earrings for Christmas Holidays 365

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