Monday, November 1, 2010

Before the Leaves Fly Catch Golden Harvest Delights at Kirsten Tannenbaum Earrings by Mom or SunBeams Are Free !

It was early morning Monday, was up before the dawn ...
Now there are cirrus clouds in the morning's lovely blue sky
wonder what' going on ? ~

That's always meant that the weather is going to change very soon!  The full leaved trees have been plop ~ plopping
their plump acorns for a week or more ~ Some colors have come to the sturdy oak leaves, but with the dry weather,
a good rain before the frost would be welcome to all here in Oklahoma. 

The natural world has always been a major inspiration for me.  I guess that's
why I lean to the creations which reflect those colors...

Creating at home in a fabulous sunbeam gives me the opportunity to think about the ways light can reflect on the stones and beads.   It is a great honor, to create for you, my customer! 

Let me handle your small gift needs now and throughout the year, as I provide a thoughtfully hand created quality product, direct from the artist, as they say, delivered to you or your loved one, in a lovely little gift bag, directly & conveniently by mail.  When time is of the essence, I will be there for you! 
The last of the Summer Sunshine is on our shoulders, and we must remember the warmth to last us through the winter.  

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