Saturday, October 30, 2010

Spooky Sparkley Beaded Kirsten Tannenbaum by Mom New Designs!

Tonight some will come to the door a night early,
or so I've read!   So, I guess it's time to to get ready with the glow in the dark baubles, the Snickers, and the snackeroos!
Other years, I gave out books, but alas, now I've given up on all that.  I assume the school librarians will take up the slack there, correct?
I've had my own real life Charlotte, making a beautiful web in the front garden this past month!
Be sure to read Charlotte's Web to your kids while you can !

Here are the Glow in the Dark as Spooky as Mom can get Pearl & Gold Filgree Halloween Bauble earrings ! You can find them in my site on eBay !  

And how about these very dangly blown glass pumpkin earrings !?
Bright and Sparkling and Very Pumpkin Patch Ahoy !

For the traditional, there are the Onyx Black Stone Teardrops, Sterling Silver!

There are also some Smokey Quartz and Carnelian fire light delight pendants and Key Chains to be had.... And just wait until you see the Labradorite stacks !

So, get the bowls ready, hear them say Trick or Treat !  And watch the Wizard of Oz and the Great Pumpkin again !
Happy Halloween!

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