Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Frost is On the Lingon Berries

When I was younger in Alaska, I loved to pick berries! When the first frosts came, the little round green leaves of the low bush cranberries darkened. With this cold, the tiny fruit which these little plants bore ripened.

~ The northern low bush cranberry or Lingon Berry grew very close to the ground. Picking these berries was tough business ~ as you would stain your clothes or destroy the tundra undergrowth by kneeling ~ So much careful bending was had in plucking gently the tender tiny fruit.

The berries are perfect for muffins or atop flapjacks. Some make jam, if they have enough berries. This was my dream as I picked in the cold. But, alas, the pail was taken by my father for his tiny holiday liquor industry!

So, in honour of the LingonBerries, which I still dream of enjoying in little muffins, I created some natural freshwater & glass pearl earrings ~ Enjoy them !
Fortunately, I rec'd a beautiful treasure for my recent birthday. More than a quart of Alaskan blueberry jam! These blueberries were taken in the shadows of Denali, a mountain I hope to visit someday.
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