Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Java Java ! Kirsten Tannenbaum Earrings by Mom is Powered Up!

Are you ready for the sunrise?! Are you ready for the day?!
Do you hear the whistle blowing and the roosters crowing at the breaking of the day ?!

Java Up! Rise and Shine !
Daylight's Wastin' as John Wayne used to say !
I wish I could hear all these things in the morning, but I don't !
There is not a farm near me, nor a railroad track.
I love the sound of a rooster crowing in the morning telling us it's time to rise.

And the clickety clack of the railroad track,
what's not to love there? It's the sound of the heart!

I have heard these things before in my life and am a bit deaf, (but coping well). Many people have some degree of hearing loss, and sometimes mine gets worse and I am "under water" with sounds, and perhaps someday I'll even lose my hearing, but I can't stress this today!
There are beads waiting and designs to be created, orders to be filled, and customer to please!
Local Tannenbaum Friends, Resa will be at Harvest Moon the first weekend in October with my designs ! And, every second Saturday at the Flea Market !

Lots of new stones for you lapidary enthusiasts... you know Rhyolite is my favorite ! And African Opal, and Lapis Lazuli, and Chrysacolla (remember Jesus Christ and Coca Cola) and Sea Sediment Jasper ... Oh the Jaspers of the World ! Unite !

Enjoy my java inspired creations all through the year ~ Something for Summer, Fall, Spring, Winter, Autumn... Hand Crafted USA Quality Earrings with your requests in mind, created One at A Time !

Periwinkle Purple Pearls ~ Ah, the sublime peacefulness of periwinkle!

I digress ... Java Up!

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