Thursday, September 30, 2010

Corn Queen Lampwork Aurora Borealis Crystal Earrings Debut at Tulsa Harvest Moon Craft Fair October 2nd 2010 !

Did you enjoy in the past few weeks these incredible white light beams coming from the SUPER HARVEST MOON ? Never in my life do I remember moonshadows like those! They have been so exhiliarating !

Now that the beautiful full moon is on the wane, waxing and waning, as they say, according to NASA, we can still remember this great event... It was the combination of the FULL MOON and the AUTUMNAL EQUINOX or starting of fall, happening on the same day! I guess it's been about twenty years since it happened last.

Someone very special to me had a birthday on that day, and I hope that it was a good one!

At the same time, I happened to be creating a custom design for a returning customer (the best kind!) and you KNOW what they'll be named, right? Appropriately, SUPER HARVEST MOON earrings !

Also, as my lead in suggests, there is, within my new Harvest Moon collection, a QUEEN CORN pair ! I knew you'd appreciate them, after all we've talked about KING Corn ! :O)

The Pearls SOLD !

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I saw these beautiful corn on the cob holders recently and wanted to share them with you... I don't do so well with that activity but did appreciate them as fine looking devices of creativity ! Don't look for any earrings coming from them !

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