Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lasso A Lagniappe from Kirsten Tannenbaum Earrings Again!

Thank You, Tulsa !

The Weekend !

Time to get some ZZzzzzzs, then early up on Saturday am for some Great Hot Coffee, chicken fried steak, hot cakes, or biscuits and gravy at Phill's Diner, and then head on down to.....
....the Tulsa Flea Market at the FairGrounds !
Where else can the best deals in town can be found!?

As one of my more favorite local media writers says, it's time for a little more lagniapping !

This hot August weather has me thinking of cool colors, like Turquoise and White !

So, I have been creating a cool palette of my own Kirsten Tannenbaum by Mom natural creations, just for you and yours ~ Of Turquoise and White Buffalo Magnesite Gemstones!

And YES, they are Lagniappes, of Thankfulness for your Continued Support during these difficult times!
You all were So KIND to enjoy the Pudding Pearls, so this is a 2nd Opportunity to get some MORE of those, and cash in on the New Lagniappe !
Folks All Over the Globe wish they could live in Tulsa to get the originals for such a good deal ~ do you think, perhaps?
There are so many, but Each is a UNIQUE original created on OLD SILVER and dangling, of course, on the highest quality Sterling Silver! That's the benefit of living close by !
Thank you again, for your ongoing support. Mom K

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