Monday, July 19, 2010

Pale Pink Perfect Pearls ~ Lagniappes of Appreciation

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Gals, I've been working so hard, my wrists are about to give out !
No, I haven't been working on the railroad,
but I have been dangling PEARLS just for YOU!
Find the table with the bright pink sign & forget me nots,
and you will have found my handmade earrings!
I've been thinking of only the Best for You !
Thinking of Classic, Simple, Elegant, Professional, yet Beautiful .... a Little Lagniappe of Kindness for your Generosity ~

I am so Thankful to have Returning Customers who appreciate something unique and handmade!

Each pair of earrings is wirewrapped with patience ~ with you, the customer in mind. Only using .925 Sterling Silver wire and hoooks, I know you require the most for your hard work too!
So Pink and Perfect ~ Yet Natural and Large ~ Definately Professional, Yet Casual Too!
Freshly Created, WireWrapped with Precision, Just for You!
I know you can find a place and a time for them ~ A Wedding, a Night Out, make time !
Also see the Peacock Blues, The Black Perfect Storms, The Creamy Whites, and the Coco Chocolate Pearls! !
Thank you again for keeping your dangling Fresh and Local Handmade ! Mom K

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