Monday, June 14, 2010

June Showers Bring July Flowers

Stones, Gems, Vintage Beads I Adore,
 putting them in place just So ~ is what I have in Store !

Watch for Sales and Shop with Comfort, Ease and Security....
Shop Here !

Rhodochrosite I have loved you since I was in 8th grade, my brother did make me,
a Ring for Christmas and the brilliance does not fade!

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Shop Securely from the Comfort of Home or Office:
Earrings and Handmade Gifts by Mail right to your doorstep!
Plan ahead for all your holiday birthday and small gift needs !

Mosaice Millefioiri is so exquisite, some day the kilns of Murano I would love to visit!

Matte Glass pulls my heart to the Sea, remembering

an old Saki bottle my Dad found bobbing and fishing floats a plenty.

Roses are Red and KnockOuts are Pink..... Shop 'til You Drop is Coming, What do you think?

ChristKindlMarkt too ! What'll I do? !

There are so many Beads, and so many Designs ~
Do I follow my Heart


Create for the Need?

One thing is Certain,
Dangling has Returned!
And I must work Carefully, and
with Speed!

See what
 you can find !
Shop securely from the cool of home or office:
The Rain in Spain falls mainly on the Plains !

Here in Oklahoma we have had our Share of Snows this Winter, and Rains this Spring!~
And, Summer upon us, it seems the Rain won't leave us Again!

Inspired by the colors of the Lilies and the Green all around ~ and always the Roses which continue to delight!
Beads of Light and Spins of Silver keep Happening !

Look forward to finding Mom's Creations at

The Williams Center !

Shop 'Til You Drop, that is, benefiting United Way!
Adieu for now, Mom K
Shop with ease :

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