Monday, October 26, 2009

I'll Be There

You can depend on the
Old Fashioned Christmas Market

Individual Service and Satisfaction
you have come to enjoy and respect ...

Kirsten Tannenbaum Earrings by Mom,
your creations are still handcrafted with quality care, one at a time by hand by Mom (me) just for you !

Now you can have the Christmas Market experience, without the cold and wind!
Come in where it's warm and shop at with Mom ~ Virtually and with comfort online ...

Tell all your friends, I am here !
Mom K

10,000 and Counting, So Where am I?

Are you hoping to beat the crowd and stay at home and shop for your holiday gifts?
Visit Mom at

Kirsten Tannenbaum Earrings by Mom

Where your holidays will be fresh and local and green !

For now, the safest most secure green place for me,
is under the great market umbrella of the eBay !
Shop safely there, from the comfort of home or office
where you can find, almost any thing you want!
If you would prefer another bead combination, email me
and I will work with you on exactly the creation you need!

Are You Looking for Christmas Gifts Handmade in the USA ?

All my life I have held the highest respect for handmade items.
Coming from a wonderful family
of great artists,
predominantly quilters, painters, and photographers,
I have endeavored to find my own niche.
Beads found me,

after flowers found me,
and I have been addicted to creating
something from them for
over ten years now!
I credit

South East of Seattle with putting the love of beads in my brains!
Earring creations are now my specialty
and they have been found by new friends all over the globe!
Earrings make great small simple gifts,
and that is, in fact, the name of thid particular design of
Tannenbaum Christmas Tree Earrings
The Simple Gifts Trees:

At a guess, I estimate I have created more than 10,000 pair of earrings now, in the last ten years. including those created at open markets in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. I look forward to helping your find the perfect creation for your special somebody! All earrings come with a free velvety gift bag just for the asking!

Gather Round The Folk Art Tannenbaum Christmas Tree

What lovely Tannenbaum Christmas Trees are
are popping out everywhere during the Holidays ...

Beautiful creations ! Modern, Natural, or Folk ....To each their own, all over the globe !

Live, Primitive,
Vintage, Folk Art or Electronic ...More and more I see trees, with their greenery in the holidays throughout the world.
From the old fashioned European holidays to now.. the pines fill our senses!

Shop locally for your own folk art tannenbaum Christmas trees !

The Holidays Come But Once A Year !

My husband recently said,"Well, the leaves are changing again, and here come the holidays!"
The cyclical turn of the seasons and years rolling on is comforting and exciting both.
So much can happen in a year, and there is much to be thankful for.
I am thankful for wonderful kind customers who have found me
even though I have left the market tables under the trees in the park.
Getting older, the home is where I want to be.
Thank you everyone!
If you still haven't found me...
My earrings and pendant creations can be found on
eBay ... it is a WONDERFUL, Secure and GREEN PLACE to Shop!

Love and Peace Always,
Mom K

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